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Jazz Waltz Drum Beat Practice

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Improve your playing in Jazz 3/4.  Jazz Waltz drumming is an essential skill to be a well-rounded Jazz drummer. This small but powerful drum practice tracks collection will help you get stronger playing in 3/4 at various tempos. 

The Jazz Waltz Drum Beat

The Jazz Waltz drum beat generally has two feels. One way is to Swing the groove with an eighth note triplet feel. The other is to play with straight eighth notes like a European Waltz.

Often, Jazz standard arrangements will use both feels while playing a song.  This is why it's important to play both ways with confidence.  These drumless tracks will help you master both feels at 3 different tempos.

Drumless tracks for focused Jazz Waltz drum beat practice

This pack of 3 drumless tracks includes 110 BPM, 140 BPM and 160 BPM versions of my song Waltz In Wonderland.  All three tracks are different performances of the song without drums.  

They are great for practicing your 3/4 Jazz drumming with brushes and sticks!


  • Waltz In Wonderland 110 BPM - (Rhythm Section) - (4:33)
  • Waltz In Wonderland 140 BPM - (Rhythm Section) - (4:17)
  • Waltz In Wonderland 160 BPM - (Rhythm Section) - (4:21)

Download includes:

  • One 18MB Zip file containing all three high-fidelity MP3’s.  

Note: Every drumless track collection has unique songs. No songs are shared in multiple collections.

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Other options and resources


Practice your Jazz Waltz drum beat and improve your drum soloing with the 3/4 drumless tracks in this collection. 

Learn Jazz Waltz drum beats with brushes in the Brushes Mastery Course.

Wanna improve your improv? If you're looking for an experienced Jazz drummer and teacher, I can help.

Here's one of my YouTube videos using the Jazz Waltz drum beat