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Drumless Jazz Standard - In A Mellow Tone

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One of the most famous drumless Jazz Standard songs

Get deep Swing feel with this drumless jazz standard. Practice with an important song to know for your Jazz gigs and jam sessions.

This drumless Jazz Standard is In A Mellow Tone by Duke Ellington.  In A Mellow Tone is one of the most famous Jazz Standards of all time.  So, it's an important addition to your Jazz Swing drum practice repertoire. 

Performed regularly at most Jazz jam sessions and Jazz gigs, this song has truly stood the test of time. I don't offer many individual drum tracks at the Von Baron Store but this one was a must.

How to use this drumless Jazz Standard

Use this Jazz Swing drumless track to deepen your Swing feel, develop your Jazz comping and improve your time. Mix it in with other Jazz drumless tracks for a great practice session.

More about this track

This drumless Jazz standard track was also used in my YouTube video on How to play Jazz Hi-Hat. The track includes piano and acoustic bass performing only the chord changes to In A Mellow Tone.  It's great groove track to work on your Jazz Swing.

Track Included:

  • In A Mellow Tone - Chord Changes Only 140 BPM (Rhythm Section) - (5:10)

Download includes:

  • One 8MB high-fidelity MP3 file.

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