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Drumless Hip-Hop Tracks

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Improve your Jazz drum soloing with these unique drumless tracks.

Why Drumless Hip-Hop Tracks?

These drumless Hip-Hop tracks will help you hear clearly that Hip-Hop and Bebop are cousins. They are incredibly similar in their use of musical phrasing.  Think about the lyrical phrasing of a Rap emcee and a Jazz saxophone solo.  They are incredibly similar and both tell a story.

2 types of drum solos

There are essentially, two types of drum solos. One is connecting a series of drum licks and moving from one to the next.  Another way is to think of the solo like a conversation.  In Jazz we typically think of soloing as a conversation between musicians in the band.

Feeling comfortable with the conversation-style soloing is difficult for most drummers.  Most drummers start out with the drum lick approach stay there.  They don't know how to get to the next level of rhythmic expression and really "say something" on the drums.

Use these drumless Hip-Hop tracks to get there

If you are having difficulty coming up with ideas for your Jazz drum solos, these drumless Hip-Hop tracks will help.  They are loops that allow you to get comfortable with the music and quickly come up with new rhythmic and musical ideas on the drums.

HIP-HOP TO BEBOP will help improve your creativity and musical phrasing for Jazz drumming.

How to use these drumless Hip-Hop tracks

Here's a YouTube video below that demonstrates how to use this practice system to inspire your creativity! 

The idea here is to get into a zone and allow musical phrases to pop into your mind before you play them. The repetition of each of the 3 tracks allows you at least 6 minutes to stretch out and really let the ideas flow.

What's included in these drumless Hip-Hop tracks

Each drumless Hip-Hop track has 2 mixes:

  • With drums
  • Without drums


  • Bop Hop Slide with Drums - 103 BPM (6:34)
  • Bop Hop Slide no Drums - 103 BPM (6:34)
  • Gonna Feel It with Drums - 90 BPM (6:32)
  • Gonna Feel It no Drums - 90 BPM (6:32)
  • Hip-Hop to BeBop with Drums - 88 BPM (6:41)
  • Hip-Hop to BeBop no Drums - 88 BPM (6:41)

Download includes:

  • One 54 MB ZIP file that contains all 6 files.

After your payment is processed you will receive an email with your download link. You can also download your product on the order confirmation page after payment.

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