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Brazilian Beats Practice Drumless Tracks

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Brazilian beats practice for Bossa Nova and Samba

These are Brazilian beats practice drumless tracks. Improve your Bossa Nova and Samba drumming. Get better time, feel and comping with Brazilian music.

This drumless practice tool is ideal for your Brazilian beats practice.  It covers Bossa Nova and Samba.  These two essential Brazilian grooves every drummer needs to know.

These drumless tracks will help any drummer improve their Bossa Nova and Samba feel, time and comping.

More about these Brazilian beats drumless practice tracks

The song tempos range from 85-230 BPM and each of the 10 songs include 2 different drumless track versions. One version is with the rhythm section instruments and one is with bass only. Practicing with bass only will help you learn how to "lock in" with the bass player on your gigs.


  • Balanced Bossa 110 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) - (4:52)
  • Beachtime Bossa 105 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) - (5:06)
  • Breezy Bossa 130 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) - (5:09)
  • Evening Bossa 85 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) - (4:49)
  • Moonlight Bossa 120 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) - (4:30)
  • Samba Soul 140 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) - (5:18)
  • Samba Street 170 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) - (4:42)
  • Satisfying Samba 155 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) - (5:08)
  • Seductive Samba 190 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) - (4:52)
  • Sunny Samba 230 BPM (Rhythm Section & Bass Only) - (4:35)

Benefit of using these Brazilian beats practice tracks

When you are working on your Bossa Nova or Samba, you need consistent, uncluttered and easy-to-follow drumless tracks. These tracks are all about the groove and will help you settle into a nice pocket while practice and improve your essential drumming skills.

Download includes:

  • 1 Zip file containing 20 high-fidelity MP3 Files.  Total file download size is 137MB.

Note: Every drumless track collection has unique songs. No songs are shared in multiple collections.

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