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Dance Music - Can You Feel It (EP)

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Dance music for the 21st Century

This is dance music to get the heart pumpin' and the body thumpin'. Great for running, dancing, cardio workouts and for an energetic pick-me-up!

This album is my fourth commercial music release.  It's got move and groove and thump and bump. Even though I play mostly Jazz drums, I love Hip-Hop, EDM and music from around the World. This release draws on those influences.

Global dance music

All of the songs on this album have also made it into various multimedia products around the globe. These include video games, TV shows, commercials and radio. My most popular song Worldwide is the title track "Can You Feel It."


  • CAN YOU FEEL IT (3:38)
  • EVOLUTION (3:35)
  • FLAMENCO FIRE (3:37)
  • SHAZAM (4:23)

Not just dance music too

I created this music to make you move. It's great for exercise of all kinds including running, cardio workouts, lifting weights, aerobics and anything else you like. Rather than dance music, you could just call it "move" music.

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One 32 MB ZIP file that contains all 6 high-fidelity MP3’s.

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