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“Thank you for the phenomenal lessons, Von! They are exactly what I needed. And thank you for the recording – the audio & video came out great! Your setup is right on the money.”

-Matt J. (Zoom Lessons User)

It’s so easy to learn drums online!

Technology is finally making it easier for us to learn drums online from anywhere in the World.  Through my private 1-hour Zoom drum lessons, I can help you improve your Jazz drumming in almost every area of playing and performing.

Learn these Jazz drumming skills in Von Baron Jazz drum lessons: Playing with brushes, sticks, mallets and hands, Jazz Swing, Jazz Ballad, Brazilian Beats, Afro-Cuban Beats, Funky Jazz Beats, New Orleans Second Line drumming, Odd Meters, Good time and feel, Trading fours and eights, drum fill ideas, reading drum charts, hand and foot technique, preparing for performances

Learn drums online with Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing service also used by many music teachers around the World.  Below is a snapshot of my main camera angle for Zoom lessons. It’s the same camera angle I use for my BRUSHES MASTERY COURSE videos. As you can see, it places YOU in the driver’s seat.
Learn drums online with Von Baron
My Brushes Mastery Course is another way you can learn to play drums online

If you are wanting to focus on Jazz brush playing, I also recommend you check out my comprehensive BRUSHES MASTERY COURSE!

Drum lesson packages

If you are returning student, you can also pay monthly or every 3 months.  The monthly plan includes 3 one-hour lessons in a month. The 3-month plan includes 9 one-hour lessons within a 3-month period.

Benefits and info about learning drums online with me

The benefits of my Zoom online Jazz drum lessons include:

  • I will help you learn what YOU want to learn. Every lesson plan is unique and tailored to the student. I know most people don’t have loads of extra time. I want to teach you what need to achieve your drumming goals the fastest.
  • I have taught well over 10,000 drum lessons.  I know I can help you learn new and sometimes challenging drumming skills as quickly as possible.
  • I have 35 years of professional drumming experience in recording studios and on stage.  I know what drumming skills are important and will focus our lessons on “Real World” drumming. I will not waste your time with “fluff” that is only conceptual and not applicable to the bandstand.
  • A video of our lesson will be emailed to you. You can then review as many times as you like. A great way to learn!
  • You will have the option of a private student page on my lessons website. Practice songs, PDF’s and other helpful tools that we discuss in drum lessons will be uploaded there.  You can access your page at anytime.
  • Purchasing the Monthly or 3-Month plans gives you a 10-15% discount for each lesson.
  • After your purchase has processed, I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule our lesson(s).

Beginner to advanced drummers okay!

Any level of Jazz drumming is okay.  To get an idea of my teaching style, please check out my drum lesson YouTube channel DRUMMING4LIFE.COM. I’m looking forward our lessons! –Von

Other options and resources

Von Baron's Big Bundle trading fours and eights drumless tracks

Check out these drumless tracks to improve your Jazz trading fours and eights.

Von Baron's YouTube lessons help you learn drums online. These are the drumless tracks and PDF's from some of those lessons.

If you follow my Jazz drum instruction videos on YouTube, you might like this drumless tracks and YouTube lessons PDF package.


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