Drum Notation for Trading Fours and Eights Jazz Swing Practice System



Drum notation will grow your drumming career

Reading drum notation on drum charts is one of the most important skills a drummer can learn.  It will open doors to more rehearsals, performance opportunities and recording projects.

Improve your drum notation reading and Jazz trading fours and eights

The drum charts in this package are specifically designed to help you improve your Jazz trading fours and eights. Included are instructions about when to start and stop your fours and eights for each song.

Trading fours and eights is when an instrumentalist in the band plays 4 or 8 measures and then the drummer plays a solo for the same duration.

You will also improve your drum notation reading with this package. Each of these drum charts include the kind of drum notation you will encounter on the bandstand.

Included in this PDF drum chart package

These PDF DRUM CHARTS are for the TRADING FOURS AND EIGHTS JAZZ SWING PRACTICE SYSTEM. The drum charts include the songs:

  • ROUTE 66

Drum charts and drum notation help you know the roadmap for a song.  As stated before, these drum charts will also show you when drumming fours and eights sections begin and end. They are a great tool to strengthen your chart reading and musicianship.

Download options

Download options include:

  • One 391 KB ZIP file.
  • 6 individual PDF’s totaling 411 KB.

If you are using a smartphone or tablet, you have the option to download each of the files individually to your cloud data storage (DropBox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, One Drive, etc…).  Once downloaded, you can view them from there on your device.

After your payment is processed you will be directed to the download page and will also receive an email with the download links.

Drum notation sample

See the sample for ROUTE 66 below:

drum notation for Route 66

Other options and resources for drum notation

drum notation to improve your Jazz trading fours and eights

You can also get all of these Jazz drum play alongs with the PDF drum notation in one nicely-priced bundle.

Jazz drum play alongs also in the Brushes Mastery Course

Learn Jazz Swing and Brazilian brushes trading fours and eights in the Brushes Mastery Course.

Learn to read drum notation with Zoom Jazz drum lessons

Wanna improve your improv? If you’re looking for an experienced Jazz player and teacher, I can help.


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