Jazz Waltz Brushes Drum Track


What a Wonderful World 115 BPM - Jazz Waltz Drum Track by Von Baron - 192K
What a Wonderful World 115 BPM - Jazz Waltz Drum Track by Von Baron - 24-Bit 48K
Above are sample versions of each song.


Jazz Waltz brushes

This is a moderate-tempo Jazz Waltz drum track. It is based on the form of the song made famous by Louis Armstrong, What A Wonderful World.  The recording is with brushes on the drums for a smooth, warm tone in your compositions or multi-media projects.

These drum tracks are also great for bassists, pianists, sax players, vocalists and guitarists who want to practice with authentic Jazz brushes in a 3/4 Swing feel.

By purchasing this download for a nominal fee, you also receive worldwide licensing rights to use this sound source in all of your multi-media projects. I keep my prices low to inspire musician creativity around the globe, especially during this difficult time.

Authentic Jazz Waltz brush playing

This stereo drum track was recorded on a Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Jazz drumset with Remo Fiberskyn drum heads and Vic Firth Heritage Brushes. It’s not a loop pasted and mixed together. Every minute of this drum track is unique and musical.

About the download

The total download file size is 97MB.  You can download as a Zip file or if you are using a smartphone or tablet, you have the option to download each of the files individually to your cloud data storage (DropBox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, One Drive, etc…).  Once downloaded, you can play them from there on your device.


  • What a Wonderful World 115 BPM – Jazz Waltz Drum Track – For Practice (192K MP3) – (6:04)
  • What a Wonderful World 115 BPM – Jazz Waltz Drum Track – Production Quality (24-Bit 48K) – (6:04)

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