Drumless Tracks and Charts – Jazz Swing and Bossa Nova-Samba Trading Fours and Eights Big Bundle



A complete Drumless tracks bundle for trading fours and eights

Here’s a value bundle that includes all of the Jazz Swing and Bossa Nova and Samba Practice Systems drumless tracks + all of the drum charts for a great price! Save over 20% on hours of fun while you practice your soloing and improve your creativity, timing and reading ability!

What is trading fours and eights?

In Jazz, we often trade solos between the drums and other instruments. These solos are either 4 or 8 measures. For example, the piano may play a 4-measure solo and then the drums will play a 4-measure solo. This is called “trading.”

Mix options for all drumless tracks

When to start and stop your drum solos is usually the hardest thing in learning to trade fours and eights.  This drumless tracks bundle has 3 mix options for each song to help you correct and master this.

  1. One mix, is with the bass playing straight through your solo time.  This helps you to know clearly where you start and end your fours and eights.
  2. There are also mixes that have no bass during the drum fours and eights.  This will help you develop better internal time and timing in your soloing and overall playing.
  3. Yet another mix is with only bass from the beginning to the end of the song. This will allow you to stretch out and play extended drum solos helping you develop solo ideas.

Use these drumless tracks for soloing in other styles

This drumless track bundle includes Swing and Bossa Nova and Samba styles of Jazz.  You can practice your fours and eights in a triplet-based Swing style and straight-eights Bossa Nova style.  Learning in these two different feels will help you solo over many other styles of music.

Includes drum charts (drum sheet music)

Each of the songs in this bundle also come with drum sheet music or “drum charts” as they are commonly called. One of my goals with all of my products, is for you to feel comfortable playing in real music situations.  This includes at rehearsals, on the bandstand or in the studio.

Drum charts are an important part of performing music.  Most of the best paying gigs have drum charts, so being prepared to read them is an important skill.  These charts give you the roadmap for each song and some have music hits or “kicks” to play with the band.

Be the best you can be!

Use these charts to get the most out of your practice and be the best you can be on the drums! It’s a complete practice system to take you Jazz playing to a new level.

Here’s what’s included in this drumless track-drum chart bundle

INCLUDES DRUM CHARTS AND 3 MIX VERSIONS OF EACH SONG (Bass plays during drum solos, no bass during drum solos, bass only):

Jazz Swing

  • ROUTE 66

Bossa Nova and Samba


Download choices

Download options include:

  • Four ZIP files totaling 256 MB.
  • 48 individual files totaling 265 MB.

If you are using a smartphone or tablet, you have the option to download each of the files individually to your cloud data storage (DropBox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, One Drive, etc…).  Once downloaded, you can play or view them from there on your device.

Note: Every drumless track collection has unique songs. No songs are shared in multiple collections.

After your payment is processed you will be directed to the download page and will also receive an email with the download links.

Check out the sample drum charts below

See the sample for ROUTE 66 below:

Route 66 drumless track drum chart

See the sample for ONE NOTE SAMBA below:

One-Note Samba drumless track drum chart

Other options and resources

Trading fours and eights drumless tracks only bundle

Here’s a bundle with the drumless tracks only. 

Jazz drum play alongs also in the Brushes Mastery Course

Learn Jazz Swing and Brazilian brushes trading fours and eights in the Brushes Mastery Course.

Book a private Zoom Jazz drum lesson with Von Baron

Need some personalized help with your soloing? Book a Zoom lesson!

Here are some videos where I used these drumless tracks

Check out videos below using the Jazz Swing Trading Fours and Eights Practice System and MANHÃ DE CARNAVAL in action below!

[cue id=”7580″]

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