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Of course, COVID-19 did seriously impact my music business and my life. Before the pandemic, my business was soaring here in Japan. Things were going great! Then….BAM!

The most powerful takeaway from COVID-19 I believe, is to always seek new opportunity. Since March of 2020, I witnessed the extraordinary ingenuity and resourcefulness of my fellow musicians in Japan, Hawaii and around the World.

They learned how to grow their music careers online in new creative ways. I also adapted to the changing times by diversifying my business and creating a stronger presence online.

In 2011, I wrote the first edition of this book, Gifted – 6 Powerful Steps to Live the Most Incredible Life You Can Imagine.  Since 2010, these 6 steps have helped me create a successful career in music regardless of the economic climate or where I have lived.


I believe seeking opportunity is what really separates the people who want to create an enjoyable, fulfilling life from those who actually do it.  It’s like putting a puzzle together. If we keep seeking opportunity instead of giving up, the pieces will fit. There is always another opportunity out there to help us do more of what we really want to do with our lives.

Many of my fellow musicians sought opportunity online and achieved great success in just one year.  Since 2020, I also moved most of my business online, greatly increasing my income and my time at home with my family.  All of this ingenuity inspired me to release a second edition of Gifted.  By the way, the second edition of Gifted is only available here at the Von Baron Store.

In this second edition release of Gifted, the subtitle is “6 Steps For A Fulfilling Life.” After all, aren’t happiness and fulfillment what we REALLY want out of life?  This is not a get rich quick book. This is a methodical, time-tested method that can certainly improve your drumming, music career and any other area of your life. It’s not only for drummers too!

COVID-19 has given us a fresh opportunity to hit the reset button of our lives and pursue our passions. To do this I believe we need passion, persistence, focus and direction.  When we have these 4 things in our lives, giving up will NEVER be an outcome.

My e-book will teach you how to cultivate that passion, persistence, focus and direction. It will help you put your life puzzle pieces together. This edition also dives deeper into how to define and create a better life.

To get a taste of what I’ve been talking about, you can read Chapter 2 below.  In Chapter 2, I share about the heartbeat of your happiness, your GIFTS. Thanks so much for checking out my book and I’m excited to see what you will create with GIFTED! –Von

PDF E-Book (110 Pages) – Worksheets and Diagrams included in the book

Total file download size is 64MB.

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