About Von Baron Store

Play good with others

Hi, I'm Von Baron. I've been swinging for 35 years. Hard to believe it's been that long.

During that time I've played great music with loads of great musicians including Benny Golson, Stanley Jordan, Eddie Henderson and Geoff Keezer.  

Playing good with other musicians is one skill that every drummer needs, to unlock new performance opportunities. It's also something that will never go out of style or become obsolete. 

Being able to respond to other musicians in a natural and musical way is something that is learned. The best way to learn that skill is to play with other musicians. 

How to get real world drumming practice

These days there aren't so many jam sessions to join. Amateur playing opportunities, especially after COVID-19, have dwindled.  It's hard to get that real world playing experience. This is where Von Baron Store comes in.

During COVID-19 I had most of my gigs cancelled.  So needless to say, I had a LOT of time on my hands. 

I started thinking about how I could support drummers to develop the skills necessary to play on the bandstand, particularly in Jazz.  

I began crafting drumless tracks (drum practice tracks) using real musicians playing real instruments. I produced them in a way that you can feel the energy and humanness of the players you are practicing with. 

The human touch

Every drumless track has me counting in the song. With the exception of playing shows with tracks, almost all of my gigs either on stage or in the recording studio are counted off by a human, not a metronome.  

Most of the my drumless tracks are not in perfect metronomic time either. They are generally 1-2 ticks slower or faster in places. While this may sound counterproductive for your practice, that's real life.

This is how we play music in the real world. Learning how to adjust your playing to these timing nuances without dragging or speeding up is an essential drumming skill. 

Fantastic feel

In every style of drumming we have to develop great feel and be able to lock in with the bass player. 99% of my drumless tracks also have a mix with only bass to help you play better with bass players. If the bass and drums are locked, the band is gonna take off like a rocket!

Solid soloing

As drummers, we also get asked to solo. This is why many of my drumless tracks have extended soloing practice. They help you come up with solo ideas and interact with the other musicians' playing on the track. 

Creative comping

Jazz "comping" is short for accompanying.  It's all of the rhythmic counterpoint we play as drummers in response to the music coming from the other instruments on the bandstand.

I have many Jazz drumelss tracks that have no kicks (musical hits) so you can focus squarely on your comping. 

Many styles of drumming

Being primarily a Jazz drummer has taught me the importance of knowing many styles of drumming. I can't tell you how many times I get on a gig and someone says, "Hey let's do this one Hip-Hop style." or "Let's do this song in 6/8 Afro-Cuban feel."

Almost every gig I play has surprises and requests for various styles of drumming. My drumless tracks will help you expand your style library too. 

Reading music will elevate your drumming career

Drummers who can read drum charts (drumming sheet music) get many more gigs than drummers who don't.

Many of my drumless tracks also have accompanying drum charts to help you hone your reading skills. 

I created all of this for you

As a teacher for 20+ years, I've taught well over 10,000 drum lessons. I've learned how we learn and how we can improve our drumming skills fast. I created everything on this store to help you learn new skills fast and prepare for solid playing on the bandstand. 

If you'd like to go deeper with your Jazz drumming, book a Zoom private drum lesson and I'd be happy to help you get where you want to go with your playing. 

I also have a comprehensive list of drum instruction videos on my YouTube channel and an entertaining and informative drumming blog

In addition, this year I launched my Brushes Mastery Course specifically focused to help drummers become confident in their brush playing. 

What you'll find in all of my products in services here at Von Baron Store and beyond, is that I am here to help you be the best you can be behind the drums. 

Many thanks again for stopping by! -Von